12 March 2008


This was a fun and relaxing day!!! After school last Tuesday me and once of the teachers decided to go to a water fall that is down in San Matas. Jessi (one of our teachers) had a friend that was visiting from the states and we were trying to show her a good time. This was the first time for me to go to the waterfall and I gotta say.........it was a blast. The water was freezing, but once you got in it was worth it. We climbed up on a little ledge and jumped off, ..... scary, I know....but it was so much fun. If anyone wants to take a trip to the local Honduras, we will have to come here. :)

26 January 2008

Back to Normal :)

I have been back in Honduras for four weeks now and it feels like I never left. It is so funny how life just returned to "normal" right after we all got back. A lot of the kids were gone with their houseparents, or some of our kids are allowed to go and be with their families for a couple of weeks around the holidays. That was really nice because it helped us kinda get back in the groove before we had to start back to school. The first couple of days of class I realized how much that I had missed them and their excitement about everything. They are always so fun to have around because seriously, everything it an adventure. It is so interesting to see the world through their eyes and look at perspectives that I really don't remember. :) I think tha tI remember how I was when I was a teenager and then things happen and then I think to myself, "Was I like this when I was their age?"

I am really excited about a Junior High bible study that I am doing with a few of the girls. I am excited that they asked me to do it and that they seem to have a genuine interest to know more about God. Pray for me and my roommate, Hannah, as we try to talk to these girls about life and how one can know God's will for their lives. Pray that we can stay focused and that the girls really get something out of the study and that it is not just an excuse for getting out of the house for a while. :)

This past week has been interesting because we had half-day school days because a team came in from the states that deals with foster kids all the time; they came to teach us and give us Godly advise on how to handle different situations with our kids. It was a big help to the house parents especially because some of our house parents don't even had biological children, so it was great for them to learn how things will come up and the best ways to handle them in a positive way. The day that was the best for me was the day that we talked about sexual abuse. That is something that I really have a heart for.....listening to the kids and helping them handle the past and healing from it. So many of our kids have such a hurtful past and they have developed ways to "deal" with it. Most of them are not in good ways that will benefit them at all. A few of us have the responsibility of a sexual education class or "life skills" is what we are calling it and just this past week one of our girls (whom I happen to have in my 9th grade class), began crying and we were just going over anatomy and physiology!! Please pray for our kids as we go through this class that we can listen to our kids and respond to their needs and that we can show them Christ's love.

I praise God for everyone of you for your support and prayers. I wouldn't be here without you! I can feel your prayers around me daily and I am so grateful. THANK YOU!!

BIG love!
Jae :)